Clarence Farm Services Ltd. equine products are supported by Cargill Animal Nutrition Canada’s leadership in equine nutrition. 

Our consultants can help you in selecting the correct Purina feed for each horse, at any stage of life, and for any special needs or conditions. Whether it’s feeding a new foal or high-performance competitor, we will provide you with high-quality Purina products, CFS feeds, programs and services.

Equine Services

Horse Feeds

Supplements & Treats

Highly palatable treats for horses of all ages. Premium sourced with nutrients and vitamins.

Built In Fibre

CFS complete feeds with built-in roughage designed for active adult horses of all ages. Feeds include premium levels of quality digestible fibres.

Mares, Foals & Colts

Quality course feeds with enhanced fortification to meet the requirements of stallions, late gestating, lactating mares, suckling foals and weanlings.

Optimize Your Horse's Diet with these Tips

Follow sound management practices along with optimal preventive veterinary medicine. These recommendations are intended as a guide. They should be adjusted to variables of management, environment, and individual needs. If necessary, consult your Purina Dealer or Equine Specialist: