Clarence Farm Services Ltd. has a long history of providing high quality Purina horse feeds and supplements to our customers throughout Atlantic Canada.  Clarence Farm Services Ltd. equine products are supported by Agribrands Purina Canada's leadership in equine nutrition that spans over a century. Our constant desire for optimal health and the best performance drives us to continually purchase high quality ingredients and to develop better formulas.

We achieve our goal of high quality services with team work.  Clarence Farm Services Ltd., Dealers, Points of Sale locations, CFS Farm Consultants, and our CFS Purina Certified Equine Consultant - Pam MacKenzie, work in collaboration with Agribrands Purina’s highly qualified Equine Technicians.
Clarence Farm Services Ltd. can support you in selecting the correct Purina feed for each horse, at any age, any stage of life, and for any special needs or conditions. Whether it's feeding a new foal or high performance competitor, Clarence Farm Services Ltd. and Agribrands Purina Canada Inc. can provide you with high quality Purina products, programs and services.

FS Services:

  • Purina Certified Equine Consultant on staff
  • Technical support in collaboration with Agribrands Purina’s highly qualified Equine Technicians
  • Horse feed programs individually created for all
  • ages and stages of a horse’s life
  • Assistance in feed selection
  • Ration balancing assistance
  • Weight taping estimates
  • Body condition scoring
  • Hay sampling and analysis
  • Nutritional talks and educational presentations on feeding equines
  • Stable calls: offering individualized recommendations/consultations on site including programs for horses with specific nutritional requirements
  • Booth presence at many horse fairs / events
  • Friendly, efficient, and dependable service from your local Purina dealer